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*Brand New* Wishlist, Open to the Public

Showering Me in luxurious gifts really is a treat. Up until now, I’ve only let pathetic losers have the honor by purchasing the link

Premiere Wishlist, Open to the Public

to MY exclusive wishlist… Which is still full of much more exciting gifts that

will probably get you way too excited, and there is also My *exclusive* shoe want list, for the foot worshippers out there (of which there are many, haha).

And now, piggies, I am announcing the premiere unveiling of My Wishlist open to the public. If you want to pamper My feet, or dress Me in sexy lingerie, bra’s, panties and naughty things – well, you’d better purchase access to My exclusive want list.

So – go on: Click here to shop on My Premiere Wishlist, now open to the public.


Glamorous Teen Seductrees


Teen Princess Star is Perfection to be ObeyedI am the glamorous seductress.

My words are the creed that governs your life. I know what’s best for you, better than you ever will. My words infiltrate your dreams and invade your thoughts. Nothing but My puppet. As your eyes scan across these words you can feel yourself become ever weaker for Me. I am your Goddess. Hehe. My lips speak nothing but the truth. They speak straight to your soul.

There is nothing better than serving and adding to My luxurious lifestyle. Nothing better than being a drone for Me. A tool. A puppet. A slave. A mere plaything for Me to use and discard if it fails to amuse Me or provide any use.

Click the lips to play My Financial Draining pay-to-view game on Niteflirt.

I have a plan for you…

Financial Domme Teen Star has a plan for your ultimate ruination

Predatory Princess

Teen Domme Princess Star - taking your money

I am luxury and perfection. Cunning and cruelty all wrapped up into a tight, beautiful package. That’s why it’s so easy for Me to use and abuse little loser freaks who drool over how utterly perfect I am.

The weaklings who obsess over Me are always amazed when they learn how old I am. The fact that I’m only 18 really is a huge advantage, in that many losers totally have their guards down when contacting Me. They think that I’m ditzy or too young to comprehend [blank]. It’s hilarious, really. I show them very quickly just how easy it is for Me to manipulate them, use them, throw their own weaknesses back in their faces while I laugh My way to the bank and they’re sitting there wondering what just happened.

More than that, I’ve grown to have very expensive taste. I know what I like, and I get what I like. Always. If I want something, it simply always becomes Mine. I’m actually quite amazed at Myself on a very regular basis at how easy it is for Me to get what I want. I always know just what to do. What to say. It’s easy. Well, easy for Me. Hahahaha. I have never seen or met anyone else that has the amazing abilities I have to feed off of the weaknesses of others. I’m a total predator Goddess. A Princess. Yet a devious vixen. A tease. You will never be able to have Me. I’ll always be ten steps ahead of you. I’ll always have what I want, and I’ll always have tons of weak freaks to give Me everything I desire.

I always get what I want.

Tribute Princess Star

Tribute 25Tribute $50Pay 100 loser250

It’s time to pull out your wallets and put your cash where it belongs – in My hands.
Pay Princess $500

I’ve been having such a fabulous time lately. The weather has been sunnier and sunnier, and I’m loving it. Since I graduated high school last year, I’ve been totally free!! Hehehe. I’m all moved into My new place, right by the beach. And obviously it’s totally paid for – I’m not made for work, haha. That’s where pathetic losers come in. I expect freaks like you to pay for My every luxury. That includes things like designer flip flops for Me to lounge around on in the beach, dior sun tan lotion, and every luxurious item in My home, as well as the amazingly glamorous nights I have out on the town. Lol, it’s so easy for Me to manipulate people into giving Me what I want.

For example, I love going out to clubs – but I’m only 18 so I can’t do that legally. It’s not like that’s a problem. All I have to do is bat My eyes at a male bouncer, or treat the female at the door like she’s a fellow popular girl. All girls want to be My friend. They always did in school, haha. It’s easy to manipulate them into doing My bidding. People are just drawn to Me. They want to be around Me. My beauty, My energy, My intelligence.

Not to mention My cunning and cruelty. Hehehehe. So guess what time it is? Time to shop.. for ME – duh. Click here to check out My wishlist and SHOP!

Luxurious Dominant Teen Princess Star – Mission: Teenage Millionaire

Glamorous Dominant Teen PrincessI don’t believe in giving anything away for free. No. That is why I make losers like you purchase even the link to My amazon wishlist! Ha! Being able to indulge in spoiling Me with gifts is an *honor* that a loser like you should never take lightly.

I absolutely love being showered in divine gifts and luxuries.

Diamonds. Dior. Chanel. Prada. Gucci.

Just a few of My favorite little luxuries.

Vacations to tropical paradises.


Being pampered.



I want you to get this picture in your head very clear. Associate Me with all that is luxurious and divine.

All that is exquisite.

I may only be eighteen years old, but I am absolutely brilliant.

I know how to use and abuse freaks like you.

I know how to get inside your head.

I know how to use you.

And I will.

My goal is to become a millionaire by the time that I am twenty years old.

It’s very likely that you alone are unable to make this happen.

However, a stable of weaklings can easily make this goal a very easy reality.

I expect all of the luxuries that I desire to simply fall right into My perfect, greedy, precious lap.

Shop for Princess Star